Release Notes

This document describes the latest changes, enhancements, known issues, and fixes for Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) for versions 2.9.x.


  • CentOS 8 entered EOL status as of 31-December-2021. For this reason, Mirantis no longer supports CentOS 8 for all versions of MSR. We encourage customers who are using CentOS 8 to migrate onto any one of the supported operating systems, as further bug fixes will not be forthcoming.

  • In developing MSR 2.9.x, Mirantis has been transitioning from legacy Docker Hub-issued licenses to JWT licenses, as detailed below:

    • Versions 2.9.0 to 2.9.3: Docker Hub licenses and JWT licenses

    • Versions 2.9.4 and later: JWT licenses only

  • When malware is present in customer images, malware scanners operating on MSR nodes at runtime can wrongly report MSR as a bad actor. If your malware scanner detects any issue in a running instance of MSR, refer to Vulnerability scanning.


The Mirantis Migration Tool (MMT) release notes are included within the Migration Guide.