Release Cadence and Support Lifecycle

With the intent of improving the customer experience, Mirantis strives to offer maintenance releases for the Mirantis Secure Registry (MSR) software every six to eight weeks. Primarily, these maintenance releases will aim to resolve known issues and issues reported by customers, quash CVEs, and reduce technical debt. The version of each MSR maintenance release is reflected in the third digit position of the version number (as an example, for MSR 2.9 the most current maintenance release is MSR 2.9.16).

In parallel with our maintenance MSR release work, each year Mirantis will develop and release a new major version of MSR, the Mirantis support lifespan of which will adhere to our legacy two year standard.

End of Life Date

The End of Life (EOL) date for MSR 2.9 is 2024-OCT-13.

For more information on MSR version lifecycles, refer to the MKE, MSR, and MCR Maintenance Lifecycle.

The MSR team will make every effort to hold to the release cadence stated here. Customers should be aware, though, that development and release cycles can change, and without advance notice.

Technology Preview features

A Technology Preview feature provides early access to upcoming product innovations, allowing customers to experiment with the functionality and provide feedback.

Technology Preview features may be privately or publicly available and neither are intended for production use. While Mirantis will provide assistance with such features through official channels, normal Service Level Agreements do not apply.

As Mirantis considers making future iterations of Technology Preview features generally available, we will do our best to resolve any issues that customers experience when using these features.

During the development of a Technology Preview feature, additional components may become available to the public for evaluation. Mirantis cannot guarantee the stability of such features. As a result, if you are using Technology Preview features, you may not be able to seamlessly upgrade to subsequent product releases.

Mirantis makes no guarantees that Technology Preview features will graduate to generally available features.