mirantis/dtr remove

Remove an MSR replica from a cluster.


docker run -it --rm mirantis/dtr \
    remove [command options]


The remove command scales down your MSR cluster by removing exactly one replica. All other replicas must be healthy and will remain healthy after this operation.



Environment variable




Enable debug mode for additional logs.



The ID of an existing MSR replica. To add, remove or modify MSR, you must connect to the database of an existing healthy replica.



Ignore pre-checks when removing a replica.



Display extended help text for a given command.



Disable output coloring in logs.



DEPRECATED Alias for --replica-ids



A comma separated list of IDs of replicas to remove from the cluster.



Use a PEM-encoded TLS CA certificate for MKE. Download the MKE TLS CA certificate from https://<mke-url>/ca, and use --ucp-ca "$(cat ca.pem)".



Disable TLS verification for MKE. The installation uses TLS but always trusts the TLS certificate used by MKE, which can lead to MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks. For production deployments, use --ucp-ca "$(cat ca.pem)" instead.



The MKE administrator password.



The MKE URL including domain and port.



The MKE administrator username.