Add a Helm chart repository

Users can add a Helm chart repository to MSR through the MSR web UI.

  1. Login to the MSR web UI.

  2. Click Repositories in the navigation menu.

  3. Click New repository.

  4. In the name field, enter the name for the new repository and click Create.

  5. To add the new MSR repository as a Helm repository:

    helm repo add <reponame> https://<msrhost>/charts/<namespace>/<reponame> --username <username> --password <password> --ca-file ca.crt
    "<reponame>" has been added to your repositories
  6. To verify that the new MSR Helm repository has been added:

    helm repo list
    NAME        URL
    <reponame>  https://<msrhost>/charts/<namespace>/<reponame>