Review repository info

The Repository Info tab, which you can view by clicking the View details link for any visible repository on the Repositories page, includes the following details:

  • README, which you can edit if you have admin rights to the repository

  • Docker Pull Command

  • Your repository permissions

To learn more about pulling images, see Pull and push images. To review your repository permissions, do the following:

  1. Navigate to https://<msr-url>and log in with your MKE credentials.

  2. Select Repositories in the left-side navigation panel, and then click on the name of the repository that you want to view. Note that you will have to click on the repository name following the / after the specific namespace for your repository.

  3. You should see the Info tab by default. Notice Your Permission under Docker Pull Command.

  4. Hover over the question mark next to your permission level to view the list of repository events you have access to.


Your permissions list may include repository events that are not displayed in the Activity tab. It is also not an exhaustive list of event types displayed on your activity stream. To learn more about repository events, see Audit Repository Events.

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