What’s new

  • MSR now applies a 56-character limit on “namespace/repository” length at creation, and thus eliminates a situation wherein attempts to push tags to repos with too-long names return a 500 Internal Server Error (ENGDTR-2525).

  • MSR now alerts administrators if the storage back end contents do not match the metadata, or if a new install of MSR uses a storage back end that contains data from a different MSR installation (ENGDTR-2501).

  • The MSR UI now includes a horizontal scrollbar (in addition to the existing vertical scrollbar), thus allowing users to better adjust the window dimensions.

  • The enableManifestLists setting is no longer needed and has been removed due to breaking Docker Content Trust (FIELD-2642, FIELD-2644).

  • Updated the MSR web UI Last updated at trigger for the promotion and mirror policies to include the option to specify before a particular time (after already exists) (FIELD-2180).

  • The mirantis/dtr --help documentation no longer recommends using the --rm option when invoking commands. Leaving it out preserves containers after they have finished running, thus allowing users to retrieve logs at a later time (FIELD-2204).

Bug fixes

  • Pulling images from a repository using crictl no longer returns a 500 error (FIELD-3331, ENGDTR-2569).

  • Fixed broken links to MSR documentation in the MSR web UI (FIELD-3822).

  • Fixed an issue wherein pushing images with previously-pushed layer data that has been deleted from storage caused unknown blob errors. Pushing such images now replaces missing layer data. Sweeping image layers with image layer data missing from storage no longer causes garbage collection to error out (FIELD-1836).