What’s new

  • Starting with this release, we moved the location of our offline bundles for MSR from https://packages.docker.com/caas/ to https://packages.mirantis.com/caas/ for the following versions.

    • MSR 2.8.2

    • MSR 2.7.8

    • DTR 2.6.15

    Offline bundles for other previous versions of MSR will remain on the docker domain.

  • Due to infrastructure changes, licenses will no longer auto-update and the related screens in MSR have been removed (ENGORC-1848).

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue that caused the system to become unresponsive when using /api/v1/repositories/{namespace}/{reponame}/tags/{reference}/scan

  • We updated help links in the MSR user interface so that the user can see the correct help topics.

  • Previously a MSR license may not have been successfully retrieved during installation, even when the license was available. It is now fetched properly (ENGDTR-1870).


  • We upgraded our Synopsis vulnerability scanner to version 2020.03. This will result in improved vulnerability scanning both by finding more vulnerabilities andsignificantly reducing false positives that may have been previously reported (ENGDTR-1868).