Select the storage mode

Once the prerequisites are met, you can select from two available storage modes for migrating binary image data from a source MSR system to a target MSR system: inplace and copy.


In all but one stage of the migration workflow, you will indicate the storage mode of choice in the storage-mode parameter setting. The step in which you do not indicate the storage mode is Restore the data extract.

Storage mode



The binary image data remains in its original location.

The target MSR system must be configured to use the same external storage as the source MSR system. Refer to Configure external storage for more information.


Due to its ability to handle large amounts of data, Mirantis recommends the use of inplace storage mode for most migration scenarios.


The binary image data is copied from the source system to a local directory on the workstation that is running MMT. This mode allows movement from one storage location to another. It is especially useful in air-gapped environments.


Migrations from source MSR systems that use Docker volumes for image storage, such as local filesystem storage backend, can only be performed using the copy storage mode. Refer to Filesystem storage backends for more information.