Release date: 2023-NOV-20


  • Implemented NFS storage migration for inplace mode.

  • Implemented the new --swarm option, which enables extract/transform/restore from MSR 2.9 to MSR 3.x on Docker

  • Implemented mmt extract msr3 - backup of MSR 3.x metadata and images, for Swarm, Helm, and MSR Operator

  • Implemented MSR Operator support in MMT for transform/restore.

  • Introduced the --enzipassword` option, which adds the eNZi admin password to Swarm and MSR Operator restore.

  • Fixed the Helm upgrade process.

  • Fixed an issue wherein container exec` failed with an unknown http header.

  • Fixed MMT versioning.

  • Fixed the process of pulling an MMT image on a random node during the estimation step.

  • Upgraded:

    • Alpine to version 3.18

    • Go to 1.20.10

    • Go modules to fix CVEs

Addressed issues

  • [FIELD-6379] Fixed an issue wherein the estimation command in air-gapped environments failed due to attempts to pull the MMT image on a random node. The fix ensures that the MMT image is pulled on the required node, where the estimation command is executed.