The uninstall-ucp command uninstalls MKE from the specified swarm, preserving the swarm so that your applications can continue running.

After MKE is uninstalled, you can use the docker swarm leave and docker node rm commands to remove nodes from the swarm. You cannot join nodes to the swarm until MKE is installed again.

To use the uninstall-ucp command:

docker container run --rm -it \
       --name ucp \
       -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
       -v /var/log:/var/log \
       mirantis/ucp:3.x.y \
       uninstall-ucp <command-options>




--debug, -D

Enables debug mode.


Produces JSON-formatted output for easier parsing.

--interactive, -i

Runs in interactive mode and prompts for configuration values.

--id <value>

Sets the ID of the MKE instance to uninstall.

--no-purge-secret Available since MKE 3.5.4

Configures the command to leave the MKE-related Swarm secrets in place.

--pull <value>

Pulls MKE images.

Valid values: always, missing, and never.


Removes the MKE configuration file when uninstalling MKE.

--registry-password <value>

Sets the password to use when pulling images.

--registry-username <value>

Sets the user name to use when pulling images.


Specifies that MKE was installed in unmanaged CNI mode. When this parameter is supplied to the uninstaller, no attempt is made to clean up /etc/cni, thus causing any user-supplied CNI configuration files to persist in their original state.