Offline installation considerations

To install Interlock on your cluster without an Internet connection, you must have the required Docker images loaded on your computer. This topic describes how to export the required images from a local instance of MCR and then load them to your Swarm-orchestrated cluster.

To export Docker images from a local instance:

  1. Using a local instance of MCR, save the required images:

    docker save mirantis/ucp-interlock:3.4.15 > interlock.tar
    docker save mirantis/ucp-interlock-extension:3.4.15 > interlock-extension-nginx.tar
    docker save mirantis/ucp-interlock-proxy:3.4.15 > interlock-proxy-nginx.tar

    This saves the following three files:

    • interlock.tar - the core Interlock application.

    • interlock-extension-nginx.tar - the Interlock extension for NGINX.

    • interlock-proxy-nginx.tar - the official NGINX image based on Alpine.


    Replace mirantis/ucp-interlock-extension:3.4.15 and mirantis/ucp-interlock-proxy:3.4.15 with the corresponding extension and proxy image if you are not using NGINX.

  2. Copy the three files you just saved to each node in the cluster and load each image:

    docker load < interlock.tar
    docker load < interlock-extension-nginx.tar
    docker load < interlock-proxy-nginx.tar

Refer to Deploy a layer 7 routing solution to continue the installation.

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