Deploy swarm-only mode


Swarm-only mode is currently in beta, and thus you may experience issues in your use of the feature.

Swarm-only mode is an MKE configuration that supports only Swarm orchestration. Without Kubernetes, the resulting application is smaller and more stable than an ordinary mixed-orchestration MKE installation.

You can only enable or disable swarm-only mode at the time of MKE installation. MKE preserves the swarm-only setting through upgrades, backups, and system restoration. Installing MKE in swarm-only mode pulls only the images required to run MKE in this configuration. Refer to Swarm-only images for more information.


Installing MKE in swarm-only mode removes all Kubernetes options from the web UI.

To install MKE in swarm-only mode:

  1. Complete the steps and recommendations in Plan the deployment and Perform pre-deployment configuration.

  2. Install MKE in swarm-only mode by adding the --swarm-only flag to the install command found in Install the MKE image:

    docker container run --rm -it --name ucp \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    mirantis/ucp:3.4.6 install \
    --host-address <node-ip-address> \
    --interactive \


In addition, MKE includes the --swarm-only flag with the bootstrapper images command, which you can use to pull or to check the required images on manager nodes.

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