Azure configuration file

For MKE to integrate with Microsoft Azure, the azure.json configuration file must be identical across all manager and worker nodes in your cluster. For Linux nodes, place the file in /etc/kubernetes on each host. For Windows nodes, place the file in C:\k on each host. Because root owns the configuration file, set its permissions to 0644 to ensure that the container user has read access.

The following is an example template for azure.json.

    "tenantId": "<parameter_value>",
    "subscriptionId": "<parameter_value>",
    "aadClientId": "<parameter_value>",
    "aadClientSecret": "<parameter_value>",
    "resourceGroup": "<parameter_value>",
    "location": "<parameter_value>",
    "subnetName": "<parameter_value>",
    "securityGroupName": "<parameter_value>",
    "vnetName": "<parameter_value>",
    "useInstanceMetadata": true

Optional parameters are available for Azure deployments:


Worker nodes availability set


Virtual network resource group if your Azure network objects live in a separate resource group


Applicable if you have defined multiple route tables within an Azure subnet