Use an External Certificate Authority

You can customize MKE to use certificates signed by an External Certificate Authority (ECA). When using your own certificates, include a certificate bundle with the following:

  • ca.pem file with the root CA public certificate.

  • cert.pem file with the server certificate and any intermediate CA public certificates. This certificate should also have Subject Alternative Names (SANs) for all addresses used to reach the MKE manager.

  • key.pem file with a server private key.

You can either use separate certificates for every manager node or one certificate for all managers. If you use separate certificates, you must use a common SAN throughout. For example, MKE permits the following on a three-node cluster:

  • with the SAN

  • with the SAN

  • with the SAN

If you use a single certificate for all manager nodes, MKE automatically copies the certificate files both to new manager nodes and to those promoted to a manager role.