Detail on the new features and enhancements introduced in MKE 3.6.7 includes:

[MKE-10106] Added ability to filter organizations by name in MKE web UI

A new admin function in the MKE web UI at Access Control > Orgs & Teams provides the ability to filter organizations by name.

[MKE-10041] Improved Kubernetes role creation error handling in MKE web UI

Attempts made in the MKE web UI to create Kubernetes roles with an invalid namespace now return a more accurate error message.

[MKE-10020] Increased SAML proxy feedback detail

SAML proxy configuration now provides more detailed feedback.

[MKE-9994] Upgrade verifies that cluster nodes have minimum required MCR

Before proceeding with upgrade, MKE now verifies that all cluster nodes are running the minimum required MCR version.

[MKE-9991] kube-proxy now binds only to localhost

To improve MKE security posture, the kube-proxy container health check now binds to localhost only, rather than to all interfaces.

[MKE-9653] Enablement of read-only rootfs for specific containers

To improve the MKE security posture, Calico kube-controller and several other ancilliary containers now run with read-only rootfs enabled.

[MKE-9105] Added MKE web UI capability to add OS constraints to swarm services

A new helper in the MKE web UI allows users to add OS constraints to swarm services by selecting the OS from a dropdown. Thereafter, the necessary constraints are automatically applied.

[FIELD-6026] Added ability to set support bundle collection windows

Added an MKE web UI function that allows users to specify the time period in which MKE support bundle data collection is to take place.

[FIELD-6024] Added ability to set line limit of log files in support bundles

In the MKE web UI, the Download support bundle dialog that opens when you navigate to <user name> and click Support Bundle now has a control that you can use to set a line limit for log files. The valid line limit range for the Log lines limit control is from 1 to 999999.

[FIELD-5936] Addition of search function to Grants > Swarm in MKE web UI

MKE web UI users can now use a Search function in Grants > Swarm to filter the list of Swarm grants.