Release Notes


  • As MKE 3.6.0 runs etcd 3.4.16, upgrading to it from MKE 3.5.6 or later (which run etcd 3.5.5) will fail. As such, it is necessary to upgrade instead to MKE 3.6.1 or later.

    The etcd component, by design, will not accept a downgrade of itself.

  • MKE 3.6.0 requires MCR 20.10.13 or later, which you must install or upgrade to prior to installing or upgrading to MKE 3.6.0.

  • Upgrading from one MKE minor version to another minor version can result in the downgrading of MKE middleware components. For more information, refer to the middleware versioning tables in the release notes of both the source and target MKE versions.

  • CentOS 8 entered EOL status as of 31-December-2021. For this reason, Mirantis no longer supports CentOS 8 for all versions of MKE. We encourage customers who are using CentOS 8 to migrate onto any one of the supported operating systems, as further bug fixes will not be forthcoming.

MKE 3.6.3 current

Patch release for MKE 3.6 introducing the following key features:

  • Enablement of read-only root filesystem for select MKE containers

  • Health checks added to ucp-sf-notifier container

  • The ucp-kube-ingress-controller container now runs as non-root

  • The ucp-sf-notifier container now runs as non-root

  • The ucp-hardware-info container now runs as non-root

  • k8s components are non-root

  • Delivery of container disk usage metric

MKE 3.6.2

Patch release for MKE 3.6 introducing the following key features:

  • Interlock update to 3.3.8

  • --kube-protect-kernel-defaults install option

  • kube_api_server_auditing configuration option

  • Configuration options for disabling profiling

  • support CLI command options for node support dumps

  • Configuration options for system hardening

  • MKE web UI Banner design update

  • etcd storage quota UI notification

  • Self ports no longer checked during upgrade (Linux only)

MKE 3.6.1

Patch release for MKE 3.6 introducing the following key features:

  • NVIDIA settings disablement

  • Support bundle API endpoint

  • Account Privileges page in MKE web UI

  • Improved Image Pruning section in the MKE web UI

MKE 3.6.0

Initial MKE 3.6.0 release introducing the following key features:

  • GCP support

  • OPA Gatekeeper

  • Windows Server 2022 support

  • no-new-privileges

  • cri-dockerd-mke

  • Kubernetes 1.24.5

  • Calico 3.24.1

  • Interlock 3.3.7

Deprecation notes

A list of features deprecated in MKE 3.6.x.