Addressed issues

Issues addressed in the MKE 3.6.3 release include:

  • [FIELD-5772] Fixed an issue wherein metrics were not populated to the MKE web UI due to the DNS search and ndots configuration in the Pods /etc/resolv.conf file causing curl utility resolution to fail when run by the ucp-metrics-inventory container using the ucp-controller.kube-system.svc.cluster.local FQDN.

  • [FIELD-5686] Fixed an issue wherein kubelet image pull operations were automatically timing out after two minutes.

  • [MKE-9633] Fixed an issue wherein the ucp-sf-notifier container attached to the default bridge network.

  • [MKE-9348] Fixed an issue wherein the Admin settings > Mirantis Secure Registry MKE web UI page allowed a user to select both the Disable TLS verification for MKE option and the Use a PEM-encoded TLS CA certificate for MKE option, which led to issues with the corresponding install command output. The options are meant to be mutually exclusive.