Migrate an MKE cluster to a new OS

MKE supports the use of a Node-replacement strategy in migrating an active cluster to any supported Linux OS.

Migrate manager nodes

When migrating manager Nodes, Mirantis recommends that you replace one manager Node at a time, to preserve fault tolerance and minimize performance impact.

  1. Add a Node that is running the new OS to your MKE cluster.

  2. Promote the new Node to an MKE manager and wait until the Node becomes healthy.

  3. Demote a manager node that is running the old OS.

  4. Remove the demoted Node from the cluster.

  5. Repeat the previous steps until all manager Nodes are running the new OS.

Migrate worker nodes

It is not necessary to migrate worker Nodes one at a time.

  1. Add the required worker nodes that are running the new OS to your MKE cluster.

  2. Remove the worker Nodes that are running the old OS.