Upgrade components with Launchpad

Launchpad allows users to upgrade their clusters with the launchpad apply reconciliation command. The tool discovers the current state of the cluster and its components, and upgrades what is needed.

Upgrade Mirantis Container Runtime

  1. Change the MCR version in the launchpad.yaml file.

    apiVersion: launchpad.mirantis.com/mke/v1.4
    kind: mke
      name: <metadata-name>
      - role: manager
        version: 20.10.0
  2. Run launchpad apply. Launchpad will upgrade MCR on all hosts in the following sequence:

    1. Upgrade the container runtime on each manager node one-by-one, and thus if there is more than one manager node, all other manager nodes are available during the time that the first node is being updated.

    2. Once the first manager node is updated and is running again, the second is updated, and so on, until all of the manager nodes are running the new version of MCR.

    3. 10% of worker nodes are updated at a time, until all of the worker nodes are running the new version of MCR.

Upgrade MKE, MSR, AND MCR (separately or collectively)

Upgrading to newer versions of MKE, MSR, and MCR is as easy as changing the version tags in the launchpad.yaml and running the launchpad apply command.


Launchpad upgrades MKE on all nodes.

  1. Open the launchpad.yaml file.

  2. Update the version tags to the new version of the component(s).

  3. Save launchpad.yaml.

  4. Run the launchpad apply command.

    Launchpad connects to the nodes to get the current version of each component, after which it upgrades each node as described in Upgrading Mirantis Container Runtime. This may take several minutes.


MKE and MSR upgrade paths require consecutive minor versions (for example, to upgrade from MKE 3.1.0 to MKE 3.3.0 it is necessary to upgrade from MKE 3.1.0 to MKE 3.2.0 first, and then upgrade from MKE 3.2.0 to MKE 3.3.0).