New features

Detail on the new features introduced in MKE 3.6.0 includes:

GCP support

MKE offers support for deployment on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

OPA Gatekeeper

MKE uses Gatekeeper to integrate the Open Policy Agent (OPA) into Kubernetes, validating requests to create and update resources on Kubernetes clusters.

Windows Server 2022 support

You can now run worker nodes on Windows Server 2022.


For most Linux distributions, MKE supports setting no-new-privileges to true in the /etc/docker/daemon.json file. This setting prevents the container application processes from gaining new privileges during the execution process.

The parameter is not, however, supported on RHEL 7.9, CentOS 7.9, Oracle Linux 7.8, or Oracle Linux 7.9. Also, this option is not supported on Windows, as it is a Linux kernel feature.


MKE now packages and installs cri-dockerd as a part of its installation and upgrade process. The name of the cri-dockerd service on MKE is cri-dockerd-mke, and it is located in /usr/local/bin.