Detail on the new features and enhancements introduced in MKE 3.6.11 includes:

[MKE-10833] Augmented validation for etcd storage quota

Validation for etcd storage quota has been extended in terms of minimum quota, maximum quota, and current database size.

  • Minimum quota validation: The system now enforces a minimum etcd storage quota of 2GB.

  • Maximum quota validation: etcd storage quotas can no longer exceed 8GB.

  • Current dbSize validation: Validation checks are now in place to verify whether the current database size exceeds the specified etcd storage quota across all etcd cluster members.

[MKE-10070] All errors now returned from pre upgrade checks

All pre upgrade checks are now run to completion, after which a comprehensive list of failures is returned. Previously, a failure in any sub step would result in the exit of the pre upgrade check routine and the return of a single error. As such, any issues in the environment can be triaged in a single run.

[MKE-9946] Minimum Docker storage requirement now part of pre upgrade checks

The pre upgrade checks now verify that the minimum Docker storage requirement of 25GB is met.

[FIELD-6695] Improved handling of larger sized etcd instances

Now, when etcd storage usage exceeds the quota, there are steps that allow for the easy fixing and recovery of the MKE cluster. In addition, MKE web UI banners have been added to indicate etcd alarms and to inform the user when the storage quote setting is in excess of 40% of the node total memory.