Detail on the new features and enhancements introduced in MKE 3.6.5 includes:

[MKE-9866] Enablement of read-only root filesystem for select MKE containers

The following MKE containers are now configured with read-only root filesystems:

  • ucp-kube-ingress-controller

  • ucp-kube-controller-manager

  • ucp-kube-apiserver

[FIELD-6091] Improved support for custom containerd root

With MKE 3.6.5, Mirantis improved the support for custom containerd root.

[FIELD-6029] Support bundles with custom options now carry custom preface

The name of support bundles collected with custom options are now prepended with custom-.

[FIELD-6022] Enablement of stack traces collection with support bundles

Users can now enable the inclusion of stack traces when downloading a support bundle.

[FIELD-5867] Enablement of node type selection with support bundles

Using the MKE web UI, you can now select the node type for inclusion when downloading a support bundle: All nodes, Managers only, and Workers only.

[FIELD-5844] Type designation added to the MKE web UI swarm grants table

Type labels now display in the subject column of the swarm grants table, specifying to which type the subject of a grant refers: org, team, and user.

[MKE-9711] Addition of referral chasing LDAP parameter

In the MKE web UI, users can now toggle Enable referral chasing in the LDAP configuration settings.