CLI Reference


In correlation with the end of life (EOL) date for MSR 3.0.x, Mirantis stopped maintaining this documentation version as of 2024-APR-20. The latest MSR product documentation is available here.

You can use the MSR CLI tool to backup and restore the software, perform database administration tasks, and gather information on RethinkDB clusters. The tool runs in interactive mode by default, issuing prompts as necessary for any required values.

Following MSR installation, run the helm get notes command for instructions on how to access the MSR CLI:

helm get notes <RELEASE_NAME>

Additional help is available for the CLI and for each command by way of the –help option.


msr [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]



Due to the significant changes put forward with the introduction of the MSR 3.0.0 release, several legacy MSR CLI commands became unnecessary and have been removed. The commands that are no longer available are:

  • dtr destroy

  • dtr images

  • dtr join

  • dtr reconfigure

  • dtr remove

  • dtr upgrade

Global options



--log-level value

Sets the log level.

  • Valid values: panic, fatal, error, warning, info, debug, trace

  • Environmental variable: $MSR_LOG_LEVEL, $LOG_LEVEL

  • Default: info

--help, -h

Indicates whether to show help.

  • Environmental variable: N/A

  • Default: false