Addressed issues

The list of the addressed issues in MSR 3.0.12 include:

  • [ENGDTR-4158] Fixed an issue wherein the initialEvaluation flag of a created or updated tag pruning policy was set to true, which caused its evaluation to run in the API server. Instead, now the evaluation of the policy is executed in the JobRunner as a single tag_prune job.

  • [ENGDTR-4159] Fixed an issue wherein the tag pruning policy feature, responsible for the automated testing of tags and providing the count of affected tags, was preventing the creation of policies. To ensure the reliable creation of tag pruning policies, this feature has been removed. Consequently, users will not see the number of affected tags when creating new policies. For testing purposes before evaluation, Mirantis recommends that you use the /pruningPolicies/test API endpoint.

  • [ENGDTR-4164] Fixed an issue wherein the documentation for the eNZI API was inaccessible.