rethinkdb row cannot be restored

During the Restore stage of the migration workflow, you may encounter an error message that indicates an issue with rethinkdb row restoration:

Can't restore rethinkdb row: rethinkdb: Cannot perform write: lost contact
with primary replica in:\n<rethink-db-statement>

Kubernetes deployments

The error is reported when the rethinkdb Pod for the destination MSR 3.x installation does not have enough disk space available due to the sizing of its provisioned volume.

  1. Edit the values.yaml file you used for MSR deployment, changing the rethinkdb.cluster.persistentVolume.size value to match the source RethinkDB volume size

  2. Run the helm upgrade --values <path to values.yaml> msr msr/msr command.

Swarm deployments

The error is reported when the node on which RethinkDB is running on the target MSR system does not have enough available disk space.

  1. SSH into the node on which RethinkDB is running.

  2. Review the amount of disk space used by the docker daemon on the node:

    docker system df
  3. Review the total size and available storage of the node filesystem:

  4. Allocate more storage to the host machine on which the target node is running.