Changes to the API

The following changes were made to the MSR API as a part of the MSR 3.0.0 release.

For the detailed MSR API reference, refer to API Reference.



GET /api/v0/admin/settings/registry

The endpoint has been removed.

POST /api/v0/workers/{worker}/capacity

The endpoint has been removed.

POST /api/v0/meta/settings

  • The request parameters webTLSCA, webTLSCert and webTLSKey have been removed. These parameters are now configured with Helm values in the nginx.webtls section.

  • The request parameter webTLSClientCA has been removed.

  • The request parameter customCACertBundle has been removed. A custom certificate bundle can be configured using the Helm value customCertificate.

  • The request parameter readOnlyRegistry has been removed.

  • The request parameter dtrHost has been removed. The domain name for the WebTLS certificate can be set with the Helm value nginx.webtls.spec.dnsNames.

GET /api/v0/meta/settings

The following attributes have been removed:

  • httpProxy, httpsProxy, noProxy

  • logHost, logLevel, logProtocol

  • nfsHost, nfsPath

  • readOnlyRegistry

  • replicaID

  • replicaSettings

  • storageVolume

  • webTLSCA, webTLSCert, webTLSClientCA

GET /api/v0/imagescan/status

The response attribute replicas has been removed.

GET /api/v0/meta/cluster_status

The response attribute replica_readonly has been removed.