Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the MSR 3.0.5 patch release:

  • [FIELD-5205] MSR repo names are now limited to 55 characters at creation. Prior to this fix, MSR users could create repo names in excess of 55 characters, this despite a 55 character system limitation that resulted in non-specific error messages.

  • [FIELD-5131] Fixed an issue wherein API calls to push mirror tags from MSR 2.9.x to MSR 3.0.x would fail.

  • [FIELD-4421] Fixed an issue wherein the MSR web UI would sometimes go blank when the user clicked any of the toggles on the Settings page.

  • [ENGDTR-3421] Fixed an issue wherein the MSR web UI would break whenever a user tried to access the repository page for an organization from a repository list.

  • [ENGDTR-3362] Fixed an issue with the installation of MSR 3.0.x on MKE 3.6.x.

  • [FIELD-5121] Fixed an issue wherein promotion policies listed using the API were missing a counter header.

  • [ENGDTR-2783] Fixed an issue wherein API requests with an improperly specified Helm chart version returned an internal server error.