Presented here is detail on the new features and enhancements introduced in the MSR 3.0.1 release.

[ENGDTR-2971] MSR data restore speed increase

The speed of MSR 3.0 backup file restore is increased by a factor of five-plus.

[ENGDTR-2816] Update of Synopsys scanner to release 2021.12.0

Improving on the previous release, Synopsys scanner 2021.12.0 can self scan all MSR components and run other test cases without any regressions.

[ENGDTR-2791] Consistent labeling of all MSR Kubernetes resources

Common labels are now applied to all of the MSR Kubernetes resources that are created from the Helm chart at installation. In line with this change, it was necessary to upgrade cert-manager to version 1.6.1. As a result, operators can now identify the Kubernetes resources that are associated with MSR, should they need to be updated or removed.