Enable Auto-Deletion of Repository Events

Mirantis Secure Registry has a global setting for repository event auto-deletion. This allows event records to be removed as part of garbage collection. MSR administrators can enable auto-deletion of repository events in DTR 2.6 based on specified conditions which are covered below.

  1. In your browser, navigate to https://<msr-url> and log in with your admin credentials.

  2. Select System from the left-side navigation panel which displays the Settings page by default.

  3. Scroll down to Repository Events and turn on Auto-Deletion.

  4. Specify the conditions with which an event auto-deletion will be triggered.

MSR allows you to set your auto-deletion conditions based on the following optional repository event attributes:





Lets you remove events older than your specified number of hours, days, weeks or months.

2 months

Max number of events

Lets you specify the maximum number of events allowed in the repositories.


If you check and specify both, events in your repositories will be removed during garbage collection if either condition is met. You should see a confirmation message right away.

  1. Click Start GC if you’re ready.

  2. Navigate to System > Job Logs to confirm that onlinegc has happened.

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