Create Kubernetes resources

To create the Kubernetes resources, you must have the kubectl command line tool configured to communicate with your Kubernetes cluster, through either a Kubernetes configuration file or an MKE client bundle.


The documentation herein assumes that you have the necessary file stucture on your workstation.

To create the Kubernetes resources:

  1. Create a Kubernetes namespace to logically separate all of the MSR cache components:

    kubectl create namespace msr
  2. Create the Kubernetes Secrets that contain the MSR cache TLS certificates and a Kubernetes ConfigMap that contains the MSR cache configuration file:

    kubectl -n msr create secret generic msr-certs \
      --from-file=certs/msr.cert.pem \
      --from-file=certs/cache.cert.pem \
    kubectl -n msr create configmap msr-cache-config \
  3. Create the Kubernetes deployment:

    kubectl create -f msrcache.yaml
  4. Review the running Pods in your cluster to confirm successful deployment:

    kubectl -n msr get pods
  5. Optional. Troubleshoot your deployment:

    kubectl -n msr describe pods <pods>
    and / or
    `kubectl -n msr logs <pods>