MKE audit logging

Audit logs are a chronological record of security-relevant activities by individual users, administrators, or software components that have had an effect on an MKE system. They focus on external user/agent actions and security, rather than attempting to understand state or events of the system itself.

Audit logs capture all HTTP actions (GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, DELETE) to all MKE API, Swarm API, and Kubernetes API endpoints (with the exception of the ignored list) that are invoked and and sent to Mirantis Container Runtime via stdout.

The benefits that audit logs provide include:

Historical troubleshooting

You can use audit logs to determine a sequence of past events that can help explain why an issue occurred.

Security analysis and auditing

A full record of all user interactions with the container infrastructure can provide your security team with the visibility necessary to root out questionable or unauthorized access attempts.


Use audit log about the resources to generate chargeback information.


With a watch on an event stream or a notification the event creates, you can build alerting features on top of event tools that generate alerts for ops teams (PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Slack, or custom solutions).

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