Addressed issues

Issues addressed in the MKE 3.5.12 release include:

  • [FIELD-6453] Fixed an issue wherein users assigned as admins lost their admin privileges after conducting an LDAP sync with JIT enabled.

  • [FIELD-6446] Fixed an issue wherein the /ucp/etcd/info API endpoint incorrectly displayed the size of objects stored in the database, rather than the actual size of the database on disk. This fix introduces the DbSizeInUse field, alongside the existing ``DbSize``field , which ensures the accurate reporting of both the logically used size and physically allocated size of the back end database.

  • [FIELD-6353] Fixed an issue wherein the accounts/<org>/members API would provide incomplete results when requesting non-admins.

  • [MKE-10204] Fixed an issue whereby the ucp images --list command returned all images, including those that are swarm-only. Now the swarm-only images are only returned when the :command:–swarm-only flag is included.

  • [MKE-10202] Fixed an issue whereby in swarm-only mode workers were attempting to run a Kubernetes component following an MKE upgrade.