Addressed issues

Issues that have been addressed in the MKE 3.5.2 release include:

  • [MKE-8694] Updated Kubernetes to version 1.21.8 to resolve CVE-2021-25741.

  • [MKE-8678] Fixed an issue with the MKE web UI wherein having one or more nodes in a list without metric values caused sorting to fail.

  • [FIELD-4492] Fixed an issue wherein restoring Swarm-only clusters erroneously pulled Kubernetes images. To restore Swarm-only clusters with only the necessary images, MKE now supports using the --swarm-only option with the ucp restore command.

  • [FIELD-4482] Fixed an issue wherein MKE did not fetch the SAML identity provider certificates following their rotation. Disabling and reenabling SAML now causes MKE to fetch the new metadata, which includes the identity provider certificates.

  • [FIELD-4437] Fixed an issue with Kubernetes on Windows Server environments wherein the network failed following a reboot of the manager node.

  • [FIELD-4466] Fixed an issue with terminal consoles for containers in the MKE web UI wherein line-wrapping occurred after 26 lines, thus causing the shell window to overwrite text.