In upgrading to MKE 3.6.x, be aware that MKE versions 3.6.0 to 3.6.3 run a version of etcd that is older than the version Mirantis includes with MKE 3.5.10. As such, MKE 3.5.10 can only be upgraded to MKE 3.6.4 or later.

The etcd component, by design, will not accept a downgrade of itself.

Release date




MKE 3.5.11

Patch release for MKE 3.5 introducing the following key features:

  • Added ability to filter organizations by name in MKE web UI

  • Improved Kubernetes role creation error handling in MKE web UI

  • Increased SAML proxy feedback detail

  • Upgrade verifies that cluster nodes have minimum required MCR

  • kube-proxy now binds only to localhost

  • Enablement of read-only rootfs for specific containers

  • Added MKE web UI capability to add OS constraints to swarm services

  • Added ability to set support bundle collection windows

  • Added ability to set line limit of log files in support bundles