New features and enhancements that are introduced in MKE 3.5.6 include:

Interlock 3.3.7

Updated Interlock to version 3.3.7. This includes:

  • Interlock security fixes (MKE-9121)

  • Moby security fixes (MKE-9118)

  • An improved service cluster removal process. Now, when removing a service cluster, Interlock removes all of the Interlock services that the service cluster previously used, while leaving the user services intact (MKE-8708).

[FIELD-5151] NVIDIA settings disablement

MKE supports disabling nvidia_gpu_feature_discovery and nvidia_device_partitioner by setting nvidia_device_plugin to false.

[FIELD-5273] Support bundle API endpoint

Added the public /support endpoint to the MKE API for the collection of cluster-wide support bundles.

[MKE-9133, MKE-8967] Improved Image Pruning section in the web UI

Improved usability for the Image pruning config section of the web UI.

In addition, a directive has been added to the section that recommends the use of <ID>:<tag> rather than <name>:<tag> with whitelist filters.