Addressed issues

Issues that have been addressed in the MKE 3.5.5 release include:

  • [MKE-8960] Fixed an issue with Swarm-only mode wherein requests to the /kubernetesNamespaces endpoint returned an internal server error.

  • [FIELD-4993] Fixed an issue wherein LDAP sync did not add existing users to the correct team when Just-In-Time (JIT) user provisioning was enabled.

  • [FIELD-5094] Fixed an issue wherein ucp-metrics erroneously logged the "unexpected end of JSON input" error.

  • [FIELD-4947] Fixed an issue wherein encrypted networks created with the CLI were represented as unencrypted in the web UI. Specifically, the Encrypted Communications field on the network Overview page incorrectly displayed a false value.

  • [MKE-8852] Fixed an issue with MKE GCP support wherein Calico had removed metadata server routes from Windows nodes.

  • [MKE-8961] Improved the error in the web UI associated with repeat log in failures.