New features and enhancements that are introduced in MKE 3.5.4 include

[MKE-8801] Concurrent LDAP and SAML use support

MKE now supports the concurrent use of the LDAP and SAML authentication protocols.

[MKE-7376] MKE web UI dark mode

Dark mode is now available in the MKE web UI.

[FIELD-4787] Prevent removing secrets at uninstall time

The uninstall-ucp command now includes the --no-purge-secret option, which prevents MKE from removing MKE-related Swarm secrets as part of an MKE uninstall.

[MKE-8718, MKE-8857] Image pruning support in the MKE web UI

You can now configure image pruning in the MKE web UI.

[MKE-7921] etcd cluster defragmentation

MKE now supports etcd cluster defragmentation.

[MKE-8682] GCP support (technical preview)

MKE now offers a technical preview of support for deployment on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Learn more

Refer to Bootstrapping MKE cluster on GCP to learn how to use Launchpad to deploy MKE on GCP.