Addressed issues

Issues addressed in the MKE 3.5.9 release include:

  • [FIELD-5885] Fixed an issue wherein the readiness/liveness probe of calico-kube-controllers failed.

  • [FIELD-5816] Fixed an issue wherein UI banners were not updated when a manager node was down.

  • [FIELD-5764] Fixed an issue wherein user status in MKE DB did not sync with LDAP in JIT mode. Note that users who are not available through LDAP search will be deactivated in MKE as a result of the periodic sync.

  • [MKE-9655] Fixed an issue wherein a false-positive MKE API is down alert issued whenever external TLS certificates were in use with OpsCare enabled.

  • [MKE-9620] Fixed an issue wherein MKE Swarm Interlock created service tasks that do not have a health check defined.

  • [MKE-9619] Fixed an issue wherein ucp-interlock-config was created as part of the default bridge network.

  • [MKE-9343] Fixed an issue in the MKE web UI wherein the Renewal Threshold Minutes setting at guilabel:Admin Settings` > guilabel:auth would not accept 0 as a value.

  • [MKE-9541] Removed the build Kubernetes Compose applications function from the MKE web UI, as the underlying APIs are deprecated.

  • [MKE-9222] Fixed an issue wherein certain labels starting with com.docker.ucp would disappear whenever a user saved attributes multiple times.

  • [MKE-9130] Fixed an issue wherein SANs provided with the --san flag at installation were not shared between all manager nodes.

  • [FIELD-5929] Fixed an issue wherein Admin Settings > Mirantis Secure Registry in the MKE web UI delivered a blank page.

  • [FIELD-5928] Fixed an issue wherein during upgrade to MKE versions 3.5.7 and 3.5.8 the MKE cluster agent failed in circumstances in which a custom NGINX Ingress Controller was deployed in the ingress-nginx namespace.

  • [FIELD-5877] Fixed an issue wherein Calico components were sometimes redeployed following ucp-cluster-agent restarts.

  • [FIELD-5862] Fixed an issue wherein the kubelet health check reported as unhealthy despite the healthy state of kubelet.

  • [FIELD-5466] Fixed an issued wherein the kubelet health check was causing superfluous log messages.

  • [MKE-9690] Fixed an issue wherein log terminals scroll to the top when the user reaches the bottom or when additional lines are added.

  • [MKE-9501] The node scaling limitation reported as a known issue in the MKE 3.5.8 and MKE 3.5.7 release is not present in MKE 3.5.9.