Configure NGINX Ingress Controller

Use the MKE web UI to enable and configure the NGINX Ingress Controller.

  1. Log in to the MKE web UI as an administrator.

  2. Using the left-side navigation panel, navigate to <user name> > Admin Settings > Ingress.

  3. In the Kubernetes tab, toggle the HTTP Ingress Controller for Kubernetes slider to the right.

  4. Under Configure proxy, specify the NGINX Ingress Controller service node ports through which external traffic can enter the cluster.

  5. Verify that the specified node ports are open.


    On production applications, it is typical to expose services using the load balancer that your cloud provider offers.

  6. Optional. Create a layer 7 load balancer in front of multiple nodes by toggling the External IP slider to the right and adding a list of external IP addresses to the NGINX Ingress Controller service.

  7. Specify how to scale load balancing by setting the number of replicas.

  8. Specify placement rules and load balancer configurations.

  9. Specify any additional NGINX configuration options you require. Refer to the NGINX documentation for the complete list of configuration options.

  10. Click Save.


The NGINX Ingress Controller implements all Kubernetes Ingress resources with the IngressClassName of nginx-default, regardless of which namespace they are created in.


The Ingress Controller implements any new Kubernetes Ingress resource that is created without IngressClassName.