Addressed issues

Issues addressed in the MKE 3.5.7 release include:

  • [FIELD-5564] Improved ucp-proxy reliability.

  • [FIELD-5492] Fixed an issue wherein the Swarm > Services > CPU reservation/limit field in the MKE web UI only accepted whole number CPU values rather than partial number values (for example, it accepted 1 but not 1.5), despite being labeled Nano CPU Shares.

  • [FIELD-5452] Improved ucp-agent reliability.

  • [FIELD-5446] Fixed an issue wherein a zombie ucp-upgrader issue caused the silent failure of MKE upgrade.

  • [FIELD-5432] Fixed an issue wherein MKE manager node was stuck in Pending state.

  • [FIELD-5379][FIELD-5366] Improved support bundle metrics collection to reduce the load on the manager nodes and bundle size.

  • [FIELD-3413] Fixed an issue in the MKE web UI wherein secret and config details displayed unrelated services.