Edit and apply L2 templates

To add L2 templates to a MOSK cluster:

  1. Log in to a local machine where your management cluster kubeconfig is located and where kubectl is installed.


    The management cluster kubeconfig is created during the last stage of the management cluster bootstrap.

  2. Add the L2 template to your management cluster:

    kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToManagementClusterKubeconfig> apply -f <pathToL2TemplateYamlFile>
  3. Inspect the existing L2 templates to see if any one fits your deployment:

    kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToManagementClusterKubeconfig> \
    get l2template -n <ProjectNameForNewManagedCluster>
  4. Optional. Further modify the template, if required or in case of mistake in configuration. See Mandatory parameters of L2 templates and Netplan template macros for details.

    kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToManagementClusterKubeconfig> \
    -n <ProjectNameForNewManagedCluster> edit l2template <L2templateName>