Custom vRouter settings


To specify custom settings for the Tungsten Fabric (TF) vRouter nodes, for example, to change the name of the tunnel network interface or enable debug level logging on some subset of nodes, use the customSpecs settings in the TFOperator CR.

For example, to enable debug level logging on a specific node or multiple nodes:

 2  controllers:
 3    tf-vrouter:
 4      agent:
 5        customSpecs:
 6        - name: <CUSTOMSPEC-NAME>
 7          label:
 8            name: <NODE-LABEL>
 9            value: <NODE-LABEL-VALUE>
10          containers:
11          - name: agent
12            env:
13            - name: LOG_LEVEL
14              value: SYS_DEBUG


The customspecs:name value must follow the RFC 1123 international format. Verify that the name of a DaemonSet object is a valid DNS subdomain name.

The customSpecs parameter inherits all settings for the tf-vrouter containers that are set on the spec:controllers:agent level and overrides or adds additional parameters. The example configuration above overrides the logging level from SYS_INFO, which is the default logging level, to SYS_DEBUG.

For clusters with a multi-rack architecture, you may need to redefine the gateway IP for the Tungsten Fabric vRouter nodes using the VROUTER_GATEWAY parameter. For details, see Multi-rack architecture.