Workload monitoring

Available since MOSK 23.2 TechPreview

LCM operations may require measuring the downtime of cloud end user instances to assess if SLA commitments regarding workload downtime are being met. Additionally, continuous monitoring of network connectivity is essential for early problem detection.

To address these needs, MOSK provides the OpenStack workload monitoring feature through the Cloudprober exporter. Presently, MOSK supports monitoring of floating IP addresses exclusively through the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).


To be able to monitor instance availability, your cluster should meet the following requirements:

  • IP connectivity between the network used to assign floating IP addresses and all OpenStack control plane nodes

  • ICMP ingress and egress traffic allowed in operating systems on the monitored virtual machines

  • ICMP ingress and egress traffic allowed in the OpenStack project by configuring security groups

To enable the workload monitoring service, use the following OpenStackDeployment definition:

      - cloudprober

For the detailed configuration procedure of the instance availability monitoring, refer to Configure monitoring of instance availability.