DNS service

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) provides DNS records managing capability through the DNS service (OpenStack Designate).

LoadBalancer type for PowerDNS

The supported backend for Designate is PowerDNS. If required, you can specify whether to use an external IP address or UDP, TCP, or TCP + UDP kind of Kubernetes for the PowerDNS service.

To configure LoadBalancer for PowerDNS, use the spec:features:designate definition in the OpenStackDeployment custom resource.

The list of supported options includes:

  • external_ip - Optional. An IP address for the LoadBalancer service. If not defined, LoadBalancer allocates the IP address.

  • protocol - A protocol for the Designate backend in Kubernetes. Can only be udp, tcp, or tcp+udp.

  • type - The type of the backend for Designate. Can only be powerdns.

For example:

        protocol: udp
        type: powerdns

DNS service known limitations

Inability to set up a secondary DNS zone

Due to an issue in the dnspython library, Asynchronous Transfer Full Range (AXFR) requests do not work and cause inability to set up a secondary DNS zone. The issue affects OpenStack Victoria and will be fixed in the Yoga release.