StackLight known issues

This section lists the StackLight known issues with workarounds for the Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes release 22.4.

[28372] False-positive liveness probe failures for ‘fluentd-notifications’

If a cluster does not currently have any ongoing operations that comprise OpenStack notifications, the fluentd containers in the fluentd-notifications Pods are frequently restarted due to false-positive failures of liveness probe and trigger alerts.

Ignore such failures and alerts if the Pods are in the Running state. To verify the fluentd-notifications Pods:

kubectl get po -n stacklight -l app=fluentd

Example of system response:

fluentd-notifications-64fdc5f5cd-pgmjp    1/1    Running    9    4h51m
fluentd-notifications-64fdc5f5cd-xjfrs    1/1    Running    9    4h51m