Key differences between TFOperator API v1alpha1 and v2

This section outlines the main differences between the v1alpha1 and v2 versions of the TFOperator API:

  • Introduction of the features section:

    • All non-default Tungsten Fabric and Tungsten Fabric Operator features can now be set in the features section.

    • Setting environment variables is no longer necessary but can still be done using the envSetting field in each Tungsten Fabric service section.

  • Relocation of CustomSpec from the vRouter agent specification to the nodes section.

  • Reorganization of the controllers section:

    • The controllers section has been integrated into the services section.

    • The services section is now divided into groups: analytics, config, control, vRouter, and webUI.

    • Configuration of third-party services can be performed through the analytics or config sections.

  • Configuration of the logging levels can be performed using the logging field, which is a separate field in each Tungsten Fabric services configuration.

  • Movement of the dataStorageClass and tfVersion fields to the upper level of the specification.

  • Introduction of the devOptions section enabling the setup of experimental development-related options.