Configure multiple Contrail API workers

Available since MOSK 21.5 TechPreview

Starting from the MOSK 21.5 release, six workers of the contrail-api service are used by default on the Tungsten Fabric MOSK deployments. In the previous MOSK releases, only one worker of this service was used. If required, you can change the default configuration using the instruction below.

To configure the number of Contrail API workers on a TF deployment:

  1. Specify the required number of workers in the CONFIG_API_WORKER_COUNT environment variable in the TFOperator custom resource (CR):

            - env:
              - name: CONFIG_API_WORKER_COUNT
                value: "7"
              name: api
  2. Wait until all tf-config-* pods are restarted.

  3. Verify the number of workers inside the running API container:

    kubectl -n tf exec -ti tf-config-rclzq -c api -- ps aux --width 500
    kubectl -n tf exec -ti tf-config-rclzq -c api -- ls /etc/contrail/

    Verify that the ps output lists one API process with PID "1" and the number of workers set in the TFOperator CR.

  4. In /etc/contrail/, verify that the number of configuration files contrail-api-X.conf matches the number of workers set in the TFOperator CR.