Product Overview

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) combines the power of Mirantis Container Cloud for delivering and managing Kubernetes clusters, with the industry standard OpenStack APIs, enabling you to build your own cloud infrastructure.

The advantages of running all of the OpenStack components as a Kubernetes application are multi-fold and include the following:

  • Zero downtime, non-disruptive updates

  • Fully automated Day-2 operations

  • Full-stack management from bare metal through the operating system and all the necessary components

The list of the most common use cases includes:

Software-defined data center

The traditional data center requires multiple requests and interactions to deploy new services, by abstracting the data center functionality behind a standardized set of APIs service can be deployed faster and more efficiently. MOSK enables you to define all your data center resources behind the industry standard OpenStack APIs allowing you to automate the deployment of applications or simply request resources through the UI to quickly and efficiently provision virtual machines, storage, networking, and other resources.

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)

VNFs require high performance systems that can be accessed on demand in a standardized way, with assurances that they will have access to the necessary resources and performance guarantees when needed. MOSK provides extensive support for VNF workload enabling easy access to functionality such as Intel EPA (NUMA, CPU pinning, Huge Pages) as well as the consumption of specialized networking interfaces cards to support SR-IOV and DPDK. The centralized management model of MOSK and Mirantis Container Cloud also enables the easy management of multiple MOSK deployments with full lifecycle management.

Legacy workload migration

With the industry moving toward cloud-native technologies many older or legacy applications are not able to be moved easily and often it does not make financial sense to transform the applications to cloud-native applications. MOSK provides a stable cloud platform that can cost-effectively host legacy applications whilst still providing the expected levels of control, customization, and uptime.