Troubleshoot access to the Tungsten Fabric web UI

If you cannot access the Tungsten Fabric (TF) web UI service, verify that the FQDN of the TF web UI is resolvable on your PC by running one of the following commands:

# or
# or
dig host

All commands above should resolve the web UI domain name to the IP address that should match the EXTERNAL-IPs subnet dedicated to Kubernetes.

If the TF web UI domain name has not been resolved to the IP address, your PC is using a different DNS or the DNS does not contain the record for the TF web UI service. To resolve the issue, define the IP address of the Ingress service from the openstack namespace of Kubernetes in the hosts file of your machine. To obtain the Ingress IP address:

kubectl -n openstack get svc ingress -o custom-columns=HOSTS:.status.loadBalancer.ingress[*].ip

If the web UI domain name is resolvable but you still cannot access the service, verify the connectivity to the cluster.