System requirements for the seed node

The seed node is only necessary to deploy the management cluster. When the bootstrap is complete, the bootstrap node can be discarded and added back to the MOSK cluster as a node of any type.

The minimum reference system requirements for a baremetal-based bootstrap seed node are as follow:

  • Basic Ubuntu 18.04 server with the following configuration:

    • Kernel of version 4.15.0-76.86 or later

    • 8 GB of RAM

    • 4 CPU

    • 10 GB of free disk space for the bootstrap cluster cache

  • No DHCP or TFTP servers on any NIC networks

  • Routable access IPMI network for the hardware servers.

  • Internet access for downloading of all required artifacts

    If you use a firewall or proxy, make sure that the bootstrap and management clusters have access to the following IP ranges and domain names:

    • IP ranges:

    • Domain names:

      • and for packages

      • for binaries and Helm charts

      • and * for Docker images

      • for Telemetry (port 443 if proxy is enabled)

      • and for Salesforce alerts


    • Access to Salesforce is required from any Container Cloud cluster type.

    • If any additional Alertmanager notification receiver is enabled, for example, Slack, its endpoint must also be accessible from the cluster.